Purchased Minecraft Coins and DLC will also be cross-play with the Better Together Update

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One-upping the Xbox Play Anywhere feature between Xbox One and Windows 10, Minecraft is expanding its reach, including shared DLC and purchases. According to its recent blog, the unifying update coming later this year will allow you to buy Coins and DLC packs to access across all of your devices anywhere you play Minecraft.

In case you’re just now tuning in, the Better Together Update announced at E3 this week will be implementing cross play for almost all devices. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 versions will be able to play together in the same remarkably blocky world during their online multiplayer sessions. Of course, Sony is still being the odd-man out, declaring that PlayStation won’t be joining with the unification due to safety concerns. But there’s still hope yet as Microsoft and Sony continue their ‘discussions’.

Nevertheless, the Better Together Update will also be breaking down a barrier that also had consoles and other editions separated: the DLC. Currently, if you bought content for your Xbox One version of Minecraft, it wasn’t available to the others. With the implementation of the Minecraft Marketplace, the more streamlined in-game store, users will be able to buy Minecraft Coins universally as currency to unlock content for all editions.

Nothing has been said whether those with doubled DLC packs will be compensated for their extras yet. Hopefully, Microsoft/Mojang can reimburse some of those coins so that we can spend them on some of the newer community created content being uploaded on the Marketplace.

We don’t have a timeline of when the Better Together Update will be launching. All Mojang has said officially is ‘Coming this Summer’ during the announcement trailer. Are you looking forward to Minecraft cross-play? Let us know in the comments below.

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