PSA: Two new OneDrive limitations edge closer, find out how your storage limits are changing

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Over the past few months, Microsoft has been attempting to make several changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service, usually in the form of impeding on users’ storage limits. Two of these changes are fast-approaching, with one being right around the corner.

The first of those changes is right around the corner – happening next month – and it will affect users who are on the free service. In July, users who currently have 15GB of free storage will have that reduced to just 5GB, however, if you completed the form to opt-out earlier this year, then you will be keeping hold of your 15GB storage. For those who didn’t opt-out, we’re sorry, but you will be reduced to 5GB. According to emails sent out by Microsoft, the date for the change will be taking place on 13th July 2016, although, some people have reported receiving emails stating 27th July as the reduction date.

For the second change, this one affects paid subscribers on Office 365. If you are currently subscribed to Office 365 and have a mighty-fine storage quota of unlimited, then you will want to start preparing for when this changes to 1TB. This change isn’t expected to take place until 1st March 2017, however, if you are using a lot of storage, you will want to start migrating some files to other storage solutions, otherwise, your files could become inaccessible or disappear. Most Office 365 users should be on the 1TB plan by default now, as the unlimited option was phased out a while ago, but some subscribers who got in early remain on the unlimited plan.

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