PSA: The Microsoft Store now has a trade-in program: Send back your old Surface to save on a new device

Arif Bacchus

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft now has an online-trade in program for Surface devices. If you’re looking to upgrade from an older Surface device, you’ll be able to head online, complete some forms, and ship your old device to get some money back towards your new Surface.

According to the online webpage for the program, the process takes four steps. First, you’ll have to buy a new Surface online at the Microsoft Store and then save your order details as a PDF receipt. You can then visit this webpage to fill out a form and get trade-in value, via Microsoft’s partner, CExchange appraisal. Values will vary depending on which newer Surface model you purchased. As an example, we found that a base model Surface Pro 6 to Surface Pro 7 upgrade would get us back $287.

Once you agree to the value, you can upload your PDF receipt as proof of purchase to the CExchange trade-in portal. You’ll receive verification of your Surface purchase within seconds. You should then get some shipping information to box-up and send back your old device. It must be done within 15 days, and CExchange will inspect your old Surface to determine its final value. If it doesn’t meet the trade-in criteria, CExchange might recycle it or return it to you free of charge.

When the process is complete, you’ll get paid via PayPal or bank transfer within 14 days of your used device’s inspection. Even if the values are not as high as what you paid for your original Surface device, is great to see Microsoft is now offering a way to recycle old devices, and earn back some money, without dealing with eBay or other websites.