PSA: There’s no OnPodcast this week. See you again next Sunday!

Hey there OnPodcast viewers and listeners. OnPodcast crew here with a PSA! There won’t be a new episode this week since our Arif Bacchus is out to go get a COVID booster shot. We’ll be back next week on March 6.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out our past episodes from this season while you wait things out! We recently had a chat with ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley, And, last week, we also chatted with Microsoft employee Richard Hay about his experience from going to Microsoft MVP to full-time Microsoft employee. Other episodes from the past season also featured YouTuber Windows on Windows, and the artist Brad Colbow. You might even want to check out our chat with YouTuber Michal MJD, Shane Craig, and Windows Insider MVP Floria B.

We definitely have a lot of content that might keep you busy, so be sure to check us out on all our channels above. Thanks as always for watching, and see you again next week!