PS4 exclusive ‘The Witness’ might be coming over to the Xbox One

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No self-respecting Xbox One fan likes to think that those PS4 fanboys have access to exclusive content. Of course, they do, just as Xbox One owners can take pride in their own exclusive titles. However, one PS4 title that was thought to be an exclusive, The Witness, might very well be making it to the Xbox One.

As reports, recent Entertainment Software Rating board info lists an “E (for Everyone)” rating that would indicate an Xbox One release at some point. It’s also entirely possible that The Witness is simply a timed beta, and will naturally migrate to the Xbox One when its time arrives.

The Witness is a 3D puzzle game and you can check out the game trailer below:

So, there you have it. Xbox One fans won’t need to feel envious for too long of their PS4 buddies, at least as far as The Witness goes. And they still have Rise of the Tomb Raider to feel good about.

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