Digitally remastered Prototype Biohazard Bundle out now for Xbox One

Prototype Biohazard Bundle out now for Xbox One

For fans of the Prototype series, Xbox released a special bundle including Prototype and Prototype 2 for Xbox One. As you may already know, Prototype follows the story of Alex Mercer, a man who has been genetically mutated with no memory of his past. Mercer tries to find answers as he tears his way through New York City, eviscerating anyone that gets in his way. Prototype 2 follows the story of Sergeant James Heller, where a viral outbreak claims the lives of his family and turns him into a Prototype. The Biohazard Prototype Bundle includes Prototype, Prototype 2 and all of the available DLC packs for both games.   

Digitally remastered for the Xbox One, I think that the Biohazard Prototype Bundle is a great addition to your Xbox One library. Even if you’ve never played Prototype and Prototype 2 on the Xbox 360, I highly recommend that you give these games a shot; you’ll be glad you did.

Buy the Biohazard Prototype Bundle for Xbox One from the Xbox Store for $49.99.  

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