Protect Your Files lets users password protect their files on Windows Phone

Protect Your Files

Protecting your files from unauthorized access is really important these days. We all take photos, save important documents, phone numbers, etc, in our devices, which we don’t want anyone to access. It’s always a better idea to password protect it, but to do so, users have to find third-party applications that can handle the job. Recently, we came across an app known as “Protect My Files” which lets users password protect their images, files, and address book names on their Windows Phone handsets.

Users can simply import images from their gallery or take one using the built-in camera in the app. The images captured using app’s camera will be saved in the vault, not in gallery. Additionally, when you import images from the gallery, you have to manually delete it manually from the Pictures Hub as well. This is due to the limitations imposed in the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Unfortunately, users cannot import videos from the gallery, but can make ones using the app’s camera and password protect it.

Another useful feature of the app is the web service, that lets users access images encrypted on the device from their computer. Users can access the images on their device, but they have to make sure your device is on the same WiFi connection as you PC — users can also save the images or other files.

“Often with smartphones our photos and videos are accessible to anyone who takes on hand our phone. With this program, no more unwanted access to our photos,files and names in the phone book. The application has built a web service that allow you to access the terminal from any device with a browser that is on the same wifi network. In this way you can see your photos on a big screen and download easy,” the app description reads.

Here are the key features:

  • Import images from the gallery
  • Take pictures directly from the application (will not be saved in the gallery)
  • Record video directly from the application (will not be saved in the gallery)
  • Have a protected address book with names and phone numbers of hidden

If you think it can be useful for you, head over to the Windows Phone Store to grab the app. It costs $1.49, but offers a free trial, and has a free version which is ad-supported.

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