Protect the Orcs from human attacks in Orcs Must Survive for Windows 8

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Orcs Must Survive

I’m a big fan of strategy games, and prefer to at least try anything that comes my way. Recently, I stumbled across an excellent strategy game dubbed as Orcs Must Survive, where your task is to protect the Orcs from humans who are trying to kill them.

Normally, the strategy games that hit the internet come with an opposite scenario where you have to defend, as humans, from the vicious Orcs — reminds me of the Warcraft series or Lord of the Rings. The title comes with various levels, and as you progress in the game, you unlock new weapons and troops to defend yourself from the royal troops that are deployed to punish the Orcs. 

“Join the Orcs in their battle against the royal troops to regain their happiness A black-hearted King punishes the brave Orcs, the only ones in the kingdom with joy in their hearts. Join the Orcs in their battle against the royal troops to regain the happiness that was stolen by the King’s evil spell. A strategy game that brings to life the strength of these fantastic characters from the medieval era. Advance through the various levels, gaining more troops and weapons to fight the knights, wizards and ghosts of the King”, states the app description.

Now, that we’re done introducing how the gameplay works, here’s another funny part. After playing the game for sometime, it reminds of the popular Plants Vs Zombies game, the gameplay and graphics looks quite similar to it. You deploy the troops on various lines, select your weapons and more.

If you’re a fan of strategy games, I’d recommend you try this game at least once. It usually runs for $2.99 on the Windows Store, but users can try it out before they decide to purchase.

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