ProKASE protects your Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 and adds more USB ports

ProKASE protects your Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 and adds more USB ports

The Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 are great devices — just about anyone who has one will let you know how fabulous they are! But they are not without their shortcomings. One slight limitation is the fact that there is only one USB port, and having made an investment in Microsoft’s more expensive Surface, you probably want to keep it protected in a case. These are both issues that are addressed by the hugely impressive ProKASE which is looking for funding through indiegogo.

As Neowin notes, this is much more than just a protective case. It is a two- or three-part, modular system that you can use to not only protect your Surface, but also extend its capabilities. What’s so special about it? Well apart from looking superb, the ProKASE bumps the number of USB ports available to you to three, and also adds a full sized SD/CF card reader.

The two-part version comprises a frame and thin cover, while the three-part versions adds a mobile dock — this is where the extra ports can be found. When it’s all snapped together (achieved with the help of magnets) you have a highly flexible workstation that offers a range of viewing angles.

When used in conjunction with a keyboard, you’ll find that the keys are neatly angled for improved ergonomics, but the added protection and extra ports are a massive advantage. While the ProKASE is looking for funding on indiegogo, it is due to ship this month!

Take a look at the campaign page where you can see a video of the case in action. What do you think? Is it a winner?

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