Project Spark app for Windows 8.1 receives update, receives unknown fixes

Project Spark app for Windows 8.1 receives update, receives unknown fixes

Project Spark, which was recently released as a preview for those on Windows 8.1, lets you create and play in your own worlds, stories, and games. Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Project Spark, but unfortunately the change log is no where to be found. Microsoft likely added bug fixes and performance improvements as this app is set to be taken out of preview in 2014.

"The ultimate interactive playground for gamers of all ages, delivered as a free digital download with many options for enhancing your creative experience, it’s a place where you can walk in the world’s collective imagination and start playing. See how a creator did what they did, and when you’re ready, become a creator yourself. Project Spark is a powerful, yet simple way to build and play your own worlds, stories, and games. Share all of your creations to a dynamic community, and play what the community makes. Project Spark brings creation to life and presents endless opportunities for play," the app description reads.

Around Spring of 2014, Microsoft will launch Project Spark on Windows 8.1, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. With Project Spark, you can create any kind of game you have dreamed of, or even play the games created by people worldwide.

"Project Spark provides a deep gameplay experience with the options provided in Crossroads and the ability to download content created by other players. The game offers third-person action games, first-person shooters, 2D side-scrolling adventures, deep roleplaying adventures—anything players can imagine!" Microsoft explains.

You can grab the updated app via the download link below. Let us know if you notice any new improvements. Have you created your very own game using Project Spark yet?

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