Project Sonic 2017 arrives on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC holiday 2017

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It's been an eventful few days for Sonic fans. We got word recently that Sonic Dash - a mobile game on Windows 10 - is getting a new update, and it's been followed up by news that a brand new Sonic game is going to be hitting the scene in Holiday 2017. The new game doesn't have a name yet, being called "Project Sonic 2017" for the moment, but we do have a brief teaser trailer that can give you an idea of what to look forward to.

The game is being made by the same team who brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, two games that have been generally well received as beacons of quality in the franchise's rocky history. While the trailer doesn't show us all that much in the way of details on what the game is meant to be, we can make a few guesses. The smart money here would be on Project Sonic 2017 being some kind of Sonic Generations 2, since Classic Sonic made his way into the latter half of the trailer.

Sonic fans are probably going to have a long time to speculate before hearing anything else solid about the game. Considering Project Sonic 2017 doesn't even have a proper name yet and it's projected to be coming out in over a year, there's going to be a very significant wait. Sonic fans are still reeling from the disaster that was Sonic Boom, and the return to form that a Sonic Generations 2 would bring would be a very welcome change. You can expect the series' passionate fanbase to be keeping a vigilant eye out for any info that might tell them a little bit more about this potential revival of the franchise.

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