Project Scorpio shows up in the Microsoft Store, sign-up now for updates

Arif Bacchus

As you may recall, Microsoft took the gaming world by storm when they announced Project Scorpio at E3 2016. While the Redmond giant has remained relatively quiet about how the development of the next generation Xbox console is progressing, a recent podcast from Xbox boss Phil Spencer indicates that the company may have plans to reveal the console ahead of this year’s E3. In perhaps an extra testament to a pre-E3 release, a Project Scorpio page has recently surfaced in the Microsoft Store Website, allowing you to sign-up for updates.

Project Scorpio Microsoft Store
Project Scorpio Microsoft Store

Seen above, the Microsoft Store page lists some already known details about Project Scorpio, including the fact that it is “the most powerful console ever with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power.” It also links to the YouTube video which we first saw at E3, and provides a link to sign up so you can get emailed when Project Scorpio is available.

Pre-order Project Scorpio

Given the fact that the browser tab title for this page is “Pre-order Project Scorpio,” and the news from Phil Spencer that Microsoft may reveal Project Scorpio before E3, pre-orders for the upcoming console might as well be coming soon via this same page. As always, it’s best to stay tuned for more information, as we plan to be on the ground at E3 later this year, and will be here all year long to bring you all the Xbox news and information.