Project Scorpio just unlocked a full 9GB of RAM for gameplay

Kit McDonald

Project Scorpio

Staying true to its claim that the Project Scorpio will be the most powerful gaming console available, Mike Ybarra just announced that the upcoming device has unlocked up to 9GB of GDDR5 RAM for gamers.

Originally, out of the 12GB total RAM, four of it was reserved for the system’s functions and dashboard with eight aimed for game quality. But that’s changed, says Ybarra. Now, Project Scorpio will let a full 9GB be utilized for video games instead.

What does this mean for gamers exactly? Games that don’t use the full 9GB will instead allocate the rest towards making it load faster, explained Ybarra in a second tweet.

There’s still a lot to learn about the Project Scorpio yet to come at E3 next week, and its no doubt that the powerful gaming console has quite a few of us on the edge of our seats.