Project Scorpio can run ForzaTech at 4K 60 FPS

Jack Wilkinson

Project Scorpio

Digital Foundry has released its analysis of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio after being exclusively invited to get the first experience of it and see its true power.

Now, we can get a glimpse of the power of the console in the analysis video provided by Digital Foundry

In essence, Project Scorpio is definitely capable of running Turn 10’s ForzaTech with ultra Forza Motorsport 6: Apex settings at true 4K 60 FPS. In fact, this is better than most PC rigs that people have, with many struggling to run 4K at 30 FPS, nevermind 60 FPS.

It took the Turn 10 team a mere 2 days to port ForzaTech to Microsoft’s next-generation console, showing just how little work is really involved in supporting both Xbox One and Project Scorpio at the same time.

True 4K gaming on consoles is on the way and it is clear Microsoft is aiming to be at the front of it with Project Scorpio.