Retro-inspired Sci-Fi game ‘Project Root’ now available on Xbox One

by Email Twitter: shuttlecock Apr 29th, 2015 in News

Project Root now available on Xbox One

A new shooter, Project Root, has launched on Xbox One and should be available in most regions by the time you read this. The game is inspired by classic shoot ‘em ups with a retro-inspired Sci-Fi setting and gameplay style, and features an open world divided into multiple levels to provide players with a simultaneous sense of freedom and difficulty progression.

“Paying homage to the classic SHMUP, Project Root throws players into the front lines of the rebellion to battle against a never ending collection of enemy aircraft, swarms of missile attacks, legions of tanks and engage in frenetic boss battles to strike at the root of the evil Prometheus Corp. Combatants have access to a plethora of ship upgrades, an arsenal of exploding, homing missiles, Cluster Rockets and gigantic lasers to bolster defenses.”

There’s definitely been an influx of old school-inspired video games on new gaming consoles over the last few years. The Xbox One version of Shovel Knight, which also launched earlier today, pays homage to 8-bit platformers for example.

Do you like these type of games or do you think devs should be looking more to the future instead of relying on gaming nostalgia? Let the world know in the comments below.

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