Project Online gets an update, handle more projects faster

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It's been a busy day for Office 365 news, and another story has just entered the fray. Microsoft announced today that Project Online has received an update, which means you can now Create and manage up to 30,000 projects in the service.

The comes as a major change, as Project Online previously only allowed for 5,000 projects. Microsoft believes that the new six-fold access to 30,000 projects gives ample space and flexibility to get more done without resorting to cumbersome workarounds. The company notes.

We’re also excited to announce several updates that improve performance and help you get the project information you need faster. One of these updates is the ability to create more project sites—also called subsites or collaboration sites...Now, there’s a one-to-one relationship between projects and project sites.

Microsoft is also allowing for faster access to the Project Center Data. Going forward this means you have the option to disable rollup groups and Gantt charts, bringing you the project data you need faster.

More projects also means more data. Every time you go to the Project Center, Project Online calculates aggregate information—like total cost of all projects—which slows the time it takes to pull up that page... We also expedited the process for displaying a list of projects within Project Center and improved the custom filtering feature to help you quickly find the right project data.

Other changes include OData performance enhancements, which will decrease the transmission time for retrieving data from project reports. You can learn more about the changes by visiting the Microsoft PPM website, and you can contribute to the future of Project Online by going to the UserVoice.

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