Project Analyze for Excel anticipates your needs and learns the type of tasks you are doing

Excel 2013

During TechFest 2013, Microsoft's Research team showcased a project called Analyze for Excel. This project was simple, it was to anticipate a users needs and learn the types of tasks the user was doing. Now, in a leaked video, we get to see this neat feature in action.

The idea is simple. Project Analyze will allow you to just type a phrase and state what you want done. Excel would then do what you ask. "I’m not just talking about adding some columns and rows together or just highlighting data, either; I’m talking about creating pivot charts and visualizing your data for you in ways that you’d normally have to be a fairly savvy Excel user to accomplish," the report states.

Check out the video below which showcases Microsoft demonstrating Project Analyze for Excel, which contains the next-level machine learning abilities. No word on when this product will ever become available, or if Microsoft even follows through with it. But for all you Excel lovers out there, check out the video below!

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