Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 online beta begins today on Xbox One

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
Email Twitter: @shuttlecock Jul 21st, 2017 inNews

The online beta for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is now active on Xbox One and will run until the 31st of July. The online beta will consist of both the Quickmatch and Online Co-Op modes and can be downloaded for free from the Xbox’s digital storefront. Note that after the 31st, the online beta will cease to function and users will need to purchase the full game which is due out in September and can be pre-ordered now as well.

“Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 new features new lighting, reworked player models and animations covering everything from facial expressions to body movement to bring the game to life,” the official statement reads. “New pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system, presentations and functionality; a mode dedicated to co-op playand more.”

Have you been looking forward to Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 and will you partake in the online beta? Sign off in the comments below.

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