Previewing the new Bing design and the new social sidebar (video)

Microsoft is working on releasing a new Bing design that is more social than ever. The new Bing brings together search and people from your social networks, in order to spend less time searching and more time doing. Check out this short walk-through of the new Bing.

As you can see from the video walk-though of the new Bing design, the third-column is similar to the sidebar in the new Windows 8 operating system after accessing the Charms bar and selecting Share or Search. This brings a consistent look and feel to Bing.

The three major features of the new Bing include improved web results that show faster and more relevant results using a newer and cleaner interface. Users can also complete tasks by viewing useful information related to searches (this feature is called Snapshot) all in one separate column. The new Bing will also feature a social sidebar that allows users to take action based on the recommendations of friends and experts (this will be a third column). This new three-column version of Bing will be rolled out in the coming weeks, with full availability in the United States by early June. You can sign up at to be notified of availability.

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