Press render of Nokia's dual-SIM Lumia device codenamed Moneypenny leaked

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Press render of nokia's dual-sim lumia device codenamed moneypenny leaked

We've heard rumors about Nokia planning a dual-SIM version of its popular Lumia Windows Phone devices, codenamed Moneypenny. A press render of this device has leaked, courtesy of @Evleaks, and we get to see what a dual-SIM Windows Phone device would look like. 

Nokia Moneypenny is also rumored to be known as the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635, depending on configurations. No details have been revealed as to what these configurations would be, but perhaps one has a single SIM while the other sports the dual SIM.

This would mark the first dual-SIM smartphone for Nokia, which we have already seen appear in India for testing. Perhaps we will hear more about this device as the months lead into the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

As you can tell from the screenshot, a dual SIM Windows Phone device would have two sets of the "phone" and "messaging" apps. Due to the lack of third-column of tiles on the home screen, we can tell that Moneypenny appears to be a lower end smartphone without 1080p support.

On top of that, this appears to be the Lumia 630, which you can easily tell by looking at the clock. We also see on-screen buttons, removing the need to have buttons on the device itself.

We'll keep you posted as more details about Nokia Moneypenny arrive.

Press render of nokia's dual-sim lumia device codenamed moneypenny leaked

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