Press render of alleged Nokia Normandy appears, shows the handset in wide range of colors

Press render of alleged Nokia Normandy appears, shows the handset in wide range of colors - - December 24, 2013

It appears as if @evleaks is not taking a rest during the holidays. Yesterday, the prolific leaker posted a screenshot of the alleged Nokia Moneypenny, which appeared to have dual-SIM capabilities, judging from the screenshot. Now, the same source has tweeted another press render of the rumored Nokia Normandy. In case you don't recall, @evleaks also posted an image of this handset a few weeks back as well.

Last month, the leaker posted several codenames of Nokia devices, including Nokia Normandy, which was rumored to be a low-cost handset running Android, actually a forked version of Android. Today, the press render posted by @evleaks clearly mentions, "Nokia Normandy 2013" and shows the alleged handset in an array of colors, including green, white, yellow, red, blue and black. The render resembles the previous Normandy images, which were posted by the same leaker. The handset appears with Nokia branding just above the speaker and one button, which is usually found in the Asha lineup of the Finnish maker.

But the million dollar question is, will Nokia release the handset? Well, we can't be sure about that. There are a lot of rumors circulating all over the internet, predicting that the handset will make an official appearance in 2014. But, there is more of a chance that it will never see retail, as Microsoft is going to takeover the Devices and Services division of Nokia. A move which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014. Even if Nokia manages to launch the handset before the acquisition, it is likely that Microsoft will simply discontinue the product. 

What do you, the readers, think about this alleged Android-based handset from the Finnish Maker? The company makes beautiful, solid hardware, so would like to see that quality in an Android device?

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