Pre-release Windows 10 drivers now available for Surface 3 via Windows Update


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Pre-release Windows 10 drivers available for Surface 3 via Windows Update

Close to a week ago, we brought you news regarding Windows 10 preview and the recently released Surface 3 device. A moderator on Microsoft’s official support forum requested that Surface 3 owners avoid installing Windows 10 preview on their devices, since there are no official drivers available from Intel. The moderator assured that Intel is indeed working on drivers which will work with the new chipsets and processors for the preview build.

Now, we have learned that there are preview drivers available if you are running Windows 10 preview on your Surface 3. Simply head over to Windows Update to snag the drivers. “We have a pre-release Windows 10 driver set for Surface 3 published to Windows Update.  If you have installed Windows 10 on your Surface 3, please visit Windows Update and install these drivers,” a message on Microsoft’s official support forum stated. Head over to Windows Update, grab the drivers, and let us know if you notice any performance or stability issues.