Pre-orders of the Surface Book are reportedly being cancelled

Many customers eagerly pre-ordering the Surface Book may find themselves very frustrated dealing with their orders getting cancelled. Several reports online indicate that Microsoft has been cancelling online pre-orders of the Surface book due to potential fraud alerts from customers' credit cards. Some people are also reporting that their pre-orders were cancelled due to an authentication failure.
One Reddit user posted this morning about his experience.

"Spoke to rep that said a lot of preorders were cancelled. Had ordered surface book 512 i7 16gb on the 6th, got email this morning saying my order was cancelled. I called and was told to create a new order, now with a ship date of 7-8 weeks... Might just cancel that order as well unfortunately."

When a customer's credit card is declined, Microsoft sends the customer a notification asking them to update their payment method. If the transaction fails four times, the customer's order is cancelled completely. Customers  who call Microsoft are told that that they must reorder the Surface Book, which is currently on backorder for seven to eight weeks.
In addition, some people have reported that the have gotten server errors when trying to update their payment method for their pre-order. The Microsoft Store pre-order payment issues must be fixed as quickly as possible, unfortunately some people haven't been lucky at getting their payment method updated in time before a cancellation.
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a good way to resolve this issue at the moment. One person said that they were able to use their credit card that previously declined the payment by paying with it through PayPal.
Anyone who has been dealing with this has every right to be upset, and we hope that the issues are resolved soon.
Have you been experiencing getting your pre-order of the Surface Book cancelled? Share with us your experience in the comments below!
Update (10/20/15) -- A Microsoft spokesperson had this to say to WinBeta: "As we are processing and shipping the previously placed Surface Book pre-orders, some needed to have order details re-entered to properly process the transaction. We will be contacting impacted customers, and should they wish to keep their order, it will be shipped within a few days of being re-entered."
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