Pre-orders now live for Evolve on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

Pre-orders now live for Evolve on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

It’s a new year, and new games are finally coming closer to being released. Just a few days ago, highly anticipated first-person action game Dying Light became available for pre-order and pre-download, and today, gamers can also start downloading another high-profile shooter; Evolve.

From the creators of Left 4 Dead, Evolve is one of the most anticipated co-op games of the year. The game revolves around a group of hunters looking to take down a monster. But what sets the game apart from similar titles is that both the hunters and the monsters are controlled by gamers.

The game is available to pre-order now for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows with an Xbox One open beta going live on January 15. Evolve will be available on February 10. For PC owners, the game will support 4K resolutions, and while multi-GPU SLI/CrossFire configurations are not supported out of the box, the developers will include support in a future update.

Pre-order and pre-download Evolve now for Xbox One and PC by following the links below. Let the hunt begin!

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