Pre-order Submerged now on Xbox One

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Pre-order Submerged now on Xbox One

Originally announced as part of Microsoft’s new [email protected] initiative to encourage the creation of indie games for their Xbox One console, Submerged will finally be hitting the platform in a few days on August 7th and is now available for pre-order in the Xbox One store in most regions.

Submerged is a third-person exploration game set in the expansive outdoor setting of a flooded city. With no combat, the focus is on immersion and discovery as the main character, Miku, navigates the city’s streets by boat and scaling fallen buildings while search for supplied to save her wounded brother.

With music composed by BAFTA Award Winner Jeff Van Dyck and graphics powered by Unreal engine, the game promises to both look and sound great when it’s added to the Xbox One’s growing library of games.

Is Submerged the sort of game that appeals to you or do you need more combat and action? Have you already pre-ordered it? Let us know in the comments below.

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