PowerApps for Windows 10 updated with the ability to create apps in a browser and within modern SharePoint lists

Microsoft just beefed up its custom creation tool for building apps for businesses called PowerApps. While the name PowerApps might surface visuals of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint on some sort of features steroid, the reality is much more mundane but overall useful.

Microsoft’s PowerApps are actually a neat resource businesses can use to spin up quick divisional apps to be distributed and used throughout a company without the need to employ someone with an extensive programming background. With Microsoft’s PowerApps, users get an Office-like experience where they can make use of template layouts, tap into 3rd party support such as Slack, Google Drive or Twitter and the ability to publish and use on the web or mobile devices.

PowerApps innovations
PowerApps innovations

Now, in addition to all of those features, PowerApps users now get an update that enables users to:

  • Create and modify an app in a browser
  • Create an app from within a modern list in SharePoint

Other mainstay features include:

  •  Create a new app from scratch
  • Create app from gorgeous templates
  • Create apps from data connecting to SharePoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive and more
  • Use the app yourself or share them with colleagues in your organization
  • Add business logic and intelligence using the power of Excel-like expressions
  • Compose rich interactive visuals and media to create custom, unique apps

Interested users can grab Microsoft’s PowerApps from the Windows Store (barring some System Requirements) today or visit the PowerApps site here.

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