Power BI Mobile App for iOS gets update, grabs parity with Windows 10 Mobile app

Microsoft’s Power BI team recently announced January updates to Power BI Mobile, that focused on additions to the iOS versions of the apps. The twist to this story is that in a rare turn of events, Microsoft is releasing improvements to iOS apps after they’ve been made available for Windows 10 users.

At the end of 2015, the Power BI Team announced Power BI app improvements for Windows 10 that included a new app for Windows 10 Mobile. Now the Power BI team are bringing the same improvements to their iOS counterparts with iPhone and iPad apps capable of real-time data support, offline indicators, access to cached data, R-tiles support, and much more.

For the iPhone and iPad-toting Power BI user, the list of available iOS improvements include:

Real-time data support

Dashboards refresh in real time – no need to refresh manually!

Whether your data is pushed through Power BI API in real time or scheduled to refresh periodically, you now get updates live on your mobile device. If you update data on a dashboard or tile, add or remove a tile, or change the name of a tile, the newest version will automatically and instantly be visible on your mobile device.

Offline indicators

See when you're offline and not receiving updates. When your mobile device can't find a network, you’ll now receive a message that you are offline.

Access cached data indefinitely

Cached data no longer expires, which means you'll have access your cached data indefinitely while offline.

R-tiles support

The recently introduced R-Tiles are now also available for dashboards on your mobile device. Read more about R visuals in Power BI Desktop

Bing dashboards on mobile

With Bing content packs, you can view analytics coming from Internet search activity for a term of your choice. After connecting to a Bing dashboard in the Power BI service, your Bing-based dashboard will contain tiles that are generated directly from Bing. You can now also view these Bing dashboards on your mobile device, along with all your other data.

Better experience for pinned report pages

As promised in our last blog post, the experience upgrades for pinned report pages was just the beginning. With this update, you can now see a thumbnail of the pinned report directly from your dashboard. Click the tile to you see a landscape view of the report. Stay tuned for more improvements soon!

Power BI in Brazil

Following the news that Power BI is available in Brazil, we are happy to share that the Power BI apps are also available in the Brazilian app stores (or download them from here).  Welcome to all our Brazilian friends!

Improved experience for mobile

We revamped the application foundations to improve the whole mobile experience create consistency with the service. With this update, new tile types in the Power BI service will be immediately available in the mobile apps regardless of the device you are using. You’ll also see mobile-specific adjustments such as optimizing tile size to reduce needed space, and better notifications and messaging.

Power BI Favorites are no longer available in the updated apps. If this is a feature you use often, let us know that you want it back.

The Power BI mobile app is evolving into a robust app for both Windows 10 Mobile and iOS users, and the team behind them says that an Android variant of updates should be on their way shortly.

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