Power BI app now available to preview on Android tablets

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For those data junkies out there, Microsoft has another treat in the pipeline. Power BI, Microsoft's data visualization program, has an app coming to support Android tablets. A preview for the app just released and should be available for download right now for anybody with a compatible tablet. If you want to read some of the documentation of the release, Microsoft claims to have put that information right here, but we seem to be getting a blank page for that at the moment.

Here are a few other new features that came with the latest Power BI for Android update:
  • Visualizations links
  • Links in visualizations will now open in the Android browser
  • Improved warnings and banners
  • Noticeable warnings for tiles, visualizations, and application banners
  • Geographic filtering
  • filter your report based on your current location, and see only the data you need

The Power BI app preview has a "familiar and consistent" interface that any current Power BI users should have no problem getting used to. It seems to stick to most of the same design philosophies that other versions of Power BI use. You can also check into any of your Power BI information regardless of whether or not you're connected to the internet - this version of Power BI fully supports offline mode.


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