Windows RT 8.1 “Update 3” coming this September

Image Credit: Microsoft

As July 29th nears, the Windows team has been at a speedy pace when it comes to development, press releases and informative blog post about the near future of Windows 10. General Manager of OSG Data and Fundamentals, Gabe Aul has typically taken to Twitter to inform Insiders, journalist and Windows users alike about the development of Windows 10. Now that Windows 10 development for PCs is wrapping up its bigger release package for the month, there are two other major form factors the Windows team has yet to address adequately. Windows 10 Mobile is currently under development and showing active development growth, but Windows on RT powered tablets has been a black hole of information.

Microsoft has been tight-lipped about the how’s and what’s of the Windows 10 tablet development and release. Today, however, Gabe is finally opening up the vault of information as to when Windows RT users can expect some consideration.

While the tweet doesn’t specifically call out Windows 10, it has long been understood that the often underpowered RT platform would receive a subset of Windows 10’s features. We’re not too sure what “Update 3” means, as previously the company has referenced the upcoming update as simply “Update”. Perhaps, this Windows 8.1 update 3 is in fact that subset of Windows 10 features making their way onto RT devices. The timing of September may also suggest the RT release might come alongside some other Windows-related news in September, like Windows 10 mobile devices? Well, it’s a bit of stretch, but where there is smoke…

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