Possible smart dialing feature coming to Windows 10 for phones (video)

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Possible Smart Dialing feature coming to Windows 10 for phones

A feature that is commonly requested and painfully missing from Windows Phone 8.1 is Smart Dialing. I sometimes miss having an Android phone; I could just type in a person’s name in the dialer, their name would come up, tap it, and i could call text, or email them, just like that. 

A new video reportedly from the Microsoft WinHEC conference shows how the new Smart Dialing feature would work on Windows 10 for phones. It should be noted that this video is in no way representative of the final product, but it does look as though it could be used in an upcoming release for Windows 10 for phones. It will be a very welcome addition to see Smart Dialing come to Windows 10 for phones. 

Check out the video below showcasing what Smart Dialing could look like on Windows 10 for phones. Stay tuned for information on Smart Dialing and other features for Windows 10 for phones as details develop. 

Thanks denis for the tip!

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