Popular Windows Phone photo app ‘Fhotoroom’ celebrates 5 million monthly active users

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Everyone needs to touch up a photo every once in a while, and when they do, apps like Fhotoroom are there to give people the tools to do it in a way that keeps everything looking nice. Bringing together a suite of features that help people edit photos as much or as little as they want, this photo manipulation app has taken a seat at the top of its class as something that’s reliable and effective for its users.

Fhotoroom is not only an app that gives people a way to touch up their photos, but it also created an entire community of photo lovers, letting people share their creations with a ton of other people. It’s this feature that’s about to bring the app to a massive milestone: 5 million monthly active users.

5 million is an insane number of monthly active users – the sort of number that most app developers can only dream of. Fhotoroom and its community deserve all of the praise in the world for bringing this many people into the fold, and hopefully this number only continues to climb as more people use Windows 10 and Fhotoroom to bring together this blossoming community of photo lovers.

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