Popular Windows Phone app Straw adds topic sorting options in latest update

Email Twitter: @MindHead1 Aug 25th, 2015 inNews

Last week, popular polling app Straw expanded to the web. Previously, Straw users accessed their polling options through platform native apps found in the Windows Phone Store, App Store and Google Play. With last week’s update, users can now use Straw Web Polling to access, create and measure their poll results from any modern web browser on any device.


Worldwide Retail Sales Evangelism Director at Microsoft, Ben Rudolph and his team are embarking on yet another expansion for Straw. Today, the Straw team posted on their blog, the addition of StrawCast Topics. According to Ben, StrawCast has been a widely requested feature from users. StrawCast adds the ability to sort polls by topic now. Users are now encouraged to tag their Straw poll creations with a subject or creation so voters can now with one-tap, sort polls.

You’ll be presented with a list of popular topics, like “fashion”, “sports”, “tech”, “lifestyle” and more.  Tap one, and you’ll see polls only related to that topic.  It’s a quick, easy way to check out polls from all over the world on the topics that matter most to you.

Visit your respective app store for the download or Straw’s blog for instructions on how to apply sortable topics.

Developer: ‪Straw, LLC‬
Price: Free

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