Popular short form video service Vine is now available for Windows 10 PCs and tablets

Arif Bacchus

Vine for Windows 10

Back in November of 2013, the short-form video sharing service Vine made its debut on Windows Phone. Since then, the Windows Phone app has been steadily updated to keep it up to date with its iOS and Android counterparts. Today, though, an official Vine app is now finally available for both Windows 10 PC’s and tablets.

Vine app for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets
Vine Universal Windows App.

The release of the Windows 10 app means that you can now enjoy entertaining moments, stories, and personalities straight from your Windows 10 PC and tablet even without a Vine account. Additionally, and just like on the mobile platform, the new PC and tablet Vine app includes an explore section where you can check out viral Vines, and channels like Music, Dance, Comedy, and Sports.

The Windows 10 version of the app even includes a Live Tile, an adaptive UI, and support for drag and drop. Additionally, with the Windows 10 Vine app, your favorite Vine channels and accounts can be pinned to the Start menu for fast access and previews. Of course, the app also allows you to share a Vine of your own, by uploading or just dragging and dropping videos right from your PC. Vine loops too are supported, and you can just mouse over it or touch the screen to loop.

Vine app for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets
Vine adaptive UI.

So, if you’re excited about this app you can check it out by clicking the download link below! As always, once you do download, please shoot us a comment below to let us know how you’re finding the new Vine on Windows 10 experience!

Developer: Vine Labs Inc
Price: Free