The popular password manager 1Password hits the Windows and Windows Phone store as Alpha version

The popular password manager 1password hits the windows and windows phone store as alpha version

The popular password manager app 1Password is available for both Windows and Windows Phone devices, but in Alpha stages. 1Password for Windows Phone is already available in the Windows Phone store, but it's not usable and was update way back in 2013. However, 1Password Alpha comes as a separate app with the latest set of features and a revamped user interface -- and it's universal too.

1Password will give you the security you need in today's online world without slowing you down. 1Password will make you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and will keep all of your important information encrypted and secure.

Here's a list of features the app has to offer:

  • Open an existing .opvault folder on your device or in your Dropbox account (as a primary or secondary vault)
  • See and use your 1Password data, including synced changes from any other device.
  • Copy the value of user name, password, or other field for use anywhere on your device.

1Password is a universal app and is available free of cost so head over to the respective app stores to download the app. It's also worth mentioning that it's currently in Alpha stages so you may come across bugs and problems. If you come across any error or bug, make sure to notify the developer -- we're hoping 1Password will release timely upgrades to make sure the app is free of errors for Windows and Windows Phone users.

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