Popular multi-platform polling app Straw updated with more customizations

The folks over at Straw that include, Craig, Nate, Jason, and Ben Rudolph (aka Ben The PC Guy), have been hard at work to deliver the app’s newest feature called Custom StrawCast Topics. The new feature is in beta and not to be confused with the recently released Topics feature that came to the popular multi-platform polling app a few months ago.

Where StrawCast Topics allowed users the chance to find peruse and vote on various polls provided by the app community such as sports, entertainment, politics, and many more, the new SrawCast Customs Topics (beta) offers a more hands-on approach for users.

The beta version of StrawCast Custom Topics (beta) gives users the ability to post a poll on any topic they’d like. The new granularity works as follows:

Once you create a poll and choose to post to StrawCast, you’ll see a list of pre-populated topics.  Choose one, or start typing to create your own.  If your typed hashtag has already been used with a poll, you’ll see it auto populate. Tap the hashtag name, and you’re all set.  And of course, hashtags pass through to your social networks – no need to retype.

As a voter, searching for custom hashtags is super easy.  Just tap on the StrawCast tab, then tap the # symbol. You’ll immediately see a list of the most popular topics on StrawCast and a search box.  Start typing the name of the custom topic you’re looking for and a list will auto-populate. Tap and click “Done”, and you’ll see polls just tagged with that hashtag.”

The new StrawCast Custom Topics (beta) also include options for hashtag searches as well as adding more or deleting topic tags.

While the feature is currently in beta, it shouldn’t be long before its built-in function of the evolving Straw app. The app and updated features can be snagged on iOS, Android and Windows phones as well as the web at Straw on the Web.

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What polls have you posted or voted on using StrawCast?