Popular gameplay video program XSplit adds Beam FTL support in beta release

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Today, the XSplit 2.9 Beta has updated to include Beam FTL Support according to their blog. The low latency protocol from Beam is a relatively new addition that lowers interruptions and delay between streamers and viewers. Some delays in the testing phase have gone as low as only 0.2 seconds between the two.

Beam is relatively new to the live streaming scene, particularly in comparison to XSplit, one of the most popular streaming software for Twitch, Youtube, and more. Last year, XSplit added in support for the newly Microsoft acquired Beam in favor of the interactive functionality for viewers.

If you're a streamer interested in testing out the latest Beam FTL through XSplit Broadcaster Beta, keep in mind that the program is still undergoing vigorous testing to make sure the FTL integration is a success. Users can access it as a simple checkbox in the Beam application's Properties menu and XSplit will automatically detect these settings.

The improvement to Beam is also to be expected through its integration on Xbox One. Expect to see more about the streaming feature, already seen on the Xbox Game Bar, as we move towards the Windows 10 Creators Update coming this Spring.

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