Popular 3rd-party camera app ProShot snags a major update, improves startup time and adds many new features

Popular 3rd-party camera app ProShot snags a major update, improves startup time and adds many new features

ProShot, a popular third-party camera app has snagged a major update today, bumping it to version 5.5. The update improves the startup time, while adding several handy features including single-finger zoom, as well as giving users the ability to save images in 20 and 41MP camera directly to the camera roll.

For those who haven’t tried this app before, ProShot is a camera app that offers several features that you won’t find in the stock camera app and even Nokia Camera app. Until a few years ago, when the stock camera app on Windows Phone wasn’t as powerful as it is now, third-party camera apps were the ones you would go for to get the job done.

ProShot is one of the most popular app on Windows Phone. If you’ve a Lumia 1020, or a Lumia 1520, the app could help you do a lot with it. Its aggressive update cycle also shows how often it adds new features and improvements to the app.

The new version adds the following new features:

  • Significant improvement to startup time
  • Added single-finger zoom (up to zoom in, down to zoom out), max zoom increased to 10X
  • Can now save 20/41MP images directly to your camera roll (Lumia 1020 users: please update to Windows Phone 8.1)
  • Behavior of the ‘reset’ button in the filter editor changed, it now generates random filters. Have fun!
  • Added a second black and white mode
  • Added keyboard input for the RGB sliders in the filter editor
  • Added shorter intervals to timelapse (performance depends on phone, resolution, and shutter speed. Faster values may not work on all devices)
  • Added support for Prestigio, Blu Win, and Micromax phones (reinstall might be needed).
  • Added Spanish and Turkish languages
  • UI / UX improvements
  • Optimizations to filter processing, install size 40% smaller
  • By popular demand, added a donation page. If you downloaded ProShot for free and are enjoying it, please consider donating, it helps us make a better app. Thank you :)
  • Bug fixes to rotation lock, timelapse, and filter editor
  • Updated online manual, www.riseupgames.com/proshot/manual/windowsphone
  • Lumia 1020 users: reset your camera every once in a while by going to settings->applications->photos+camera->reset camera, and then restart your phone. We’ve noticed that it can speed up camera loading considerably.
  • We recently released ProShot for iOS, but don’t worry, we still love Windows Phone and are here to stay :)

The company promises that it will add the support for Windows Phone 8.1 in the next update of the app. The update will also allow users to delete images from the camera roll. 

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the update.

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