Poll: Would you buy a 6-inch Windows Phone?

Lumia 1520

We’re all fully aware now that Nokia is working on a rather large 6-inch Lumia device to debut in early November. The device will be running the new Windows Phone GDR3 update which was designed around enabling devices to support resolutions above 1280×720, and with the Lumia 1520, the 6 inch device will inevitably run at a much more crisp 1920×1080.

6 inches is most definitely entering the ‘phablet’ market, where a device cannot be determined as a smartphone or tablet. Some love having big screens on their devices, but admittedly 6 inches does make you look rather silly when holding it up to your ear. The question we’d like to ask is “Would you buy a 6-inch Windows Phone?”

I myself would love a 6 inch device. I’m someone who thinks nothing is ever too big. I’d love to have a big Lumia with a gorgeous 1080p display, and as the Lumia 1520 will pack much more powerful specs then the current Windows Phone generation, for me it’s a must buy. But, we don’t care about my thoughts, we want to know what you think! Take the poll below and sound off in the comments.

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