Poll for the WinBeta Podcast: Do you want Android devices to also be able to run Windows 10 Mobile?

Straw on Windows Phone

We’re trying out a new idea where we’ll run a poll throughout the week and then read off the results during the following episode of the WinBeta Podcast. This week our poll asks if Android devices should be able to also run Windows 10 Mobile. Recently Microsoft’s Gabe Aul tweeted “We’re working on this with Xiaomi for the Mi4 device, but no news on other devices at this time.” We wondered yesterday if this could be a precursor to that ability’s expansion or a feature exclusive to the Mi4.

The poll is powered by Straw which recently received an update making it a lot easier for us, and anyone, to get loads of feedback from friends, family, and the Straw community. Straw lets you create polls on your phone and then share them over social media, email, and the web. Part of the update lets you embed them directly into webpages as we did in this article.

Now we want to hear from you! Please let us know your opinion through the poll and your reasoning in the comments section. We'll read off and discuss the results in the podcast that will be recorded live at 3PM GMT this Friday. Then we'll include the results in the post that contains the audio and video for the podcast that will be put up over the weekend.

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