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Poll: Will you use Edge as your primary browser?

For the release of Windows 10, Microsoft came out with a new browser named Microsoft Edge. Edge has high speed ratings but is still in development. Some features have already been added while others are on the way. The most notable feature still in the wings in extension support. Unfortunately this won’t be available for the public until 2016. With Edge being a fast but unfinished browser, this week’s poll is on when you will use Edge as your primary browser (there are options for already doing so and never).

There are a lot of things that go into picking a browser. Some already use Edge and find it useful. It is fast and has features such as annotations and Cortana integration. It also makes it easy to share things. For some web users features such as syncing between devices and extensions aren’t that big of a deal. For others they are a must. Some won’t use Edge at all, let alone as their primary browser, until extensions are supported.
Let us know by voting and in the comments below when you’ll use Edge as your primary browser and what factors affect your choice of browsers. To hear us discuss the results tune into the WinBeta Podcast this week.

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