Poll: Will you switch cloud storage services because of the OneDrive changes?

Sean Michael

OneDrive is Microsoft’s service for online storage. At the moment it has a high amount of free storage and an option for unlimited storage for Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscribers. Unfortunately those options are changing. Microsoft announced a dramatic drop in free storage amounts as well as the discontinuation of an unlimited storage option for many types of subscribers. The internet backlash has been emotional and many believe that this will affect how many people use OneDrive in the future. This week’s poll is to see where our readers stand on these OneDrive changes and if they’ll make them switch. It’s a two parter so make sure to vote on the second poll if you plan on switching.

For some paid users 1TB may be enough. Even some free users won’t mind a 5GB limit even though it’s a dramatic drop from the 15 free GBs they have had (30 if you get the camera roll bonus, another benefit that is being dropped) . But for those who do plan on switching the question is where they will go. There are plenty of strong candidates. In fact, in addition to the big names of Google and Dropbox there is an “other” option because limiting to only four choices seems unreasonable in this poll. Please use the comment section to say any other cloud storage services you like or plan on using.

Only time will tell if these changes affect Microsoft’s user numbers or their financial bottom line but it’s worth seeing if the vocal backlash is from a few passionate fans or the community at large.