Poll: Will Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile be popular?

Sean Michael

Lumia 950 Continuum

While Windows 10 Mobile provides a number of changes and improvements in comparison to Windows Phone 8.1, one of the most noticeable differences is a new feature, Continuum. Only available on some devices to start, Continuum allows you to have a PC like experience powered by your phone. Microsoft recently released a new video showing it off.
Continuum allows you to not have to bring a laptop or tablet to some situations. With a wired or wireless adapter you can use your phone like a PC with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Rather than just projecting your screen, Continuum scales up a Windows 10 experience while still allowing you to use your phone separately. It seems like a feature aimed at travellers and business people but the latest advertisement featured in in home use as well.
In this week’s poll, we ask if Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile will become popular. It allows users to carry less weight around, especially if Miracast continues to expand in popularity and while they aren’t full PCs, phones with Continuum can get work done. It does have limitations however. At least for now, it only works with Windows apps so popular Win32 programs are off the table. Still, there are a variety of apps, especially Microsoft’s Office Mobile Suite, that people can use.

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Let us know in the poll above how popular you think Continuum will be and share your reasoning in the comments below. We’ll discuss it in the WinBeta Podcast this week so make sure to tune in to hear us discuss your votes.