Poll: When will the Lumia flagship devices be announced?

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Poll: When will the Lumia flagship devices be announced?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a spy drone inside Microsoft headquarters so we’re left here to speculate on things from time to time. In this week’s poll, we ask when you think the upcoming Lumia flagship devices will be announced. Vote in our poll below and tune in to our podcast on Friday at noon PDT / 3pm EDT to hear us discuss the results.

New flagship Windows Phones are coming. We already have many rumors and reports on the specs. We’ve even seen leaks so we have somewhat of an idea what they’ll look like. What’s left is when the devices will be announced. We know it will be this year but we don’t know when.

There’s a chance, and many feel this is the most likely scenario, that the next Lumia phones will be unveiled at the IFA conference next month in Berlin. That’s less than one month away and would allow us to survive the anticipation a little easier.

That isn’t the only possibility though. Microsoft may have something else up their sleeve. They could have a launch event specific for the phones. They also could pair the launching of the phones with another device. There is a Microsoft Band 2 in the works and rumors are flying in from every direction about the Surface Pro 4 (that device isn’t confirmed to exist and if it does may not arrive until next year).

Ultimately, we don’t know 100% when the device will be announced. Vote in the poll, and then give us your reasons in the comments below.

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