Poll: What's the biggest Microsoft news of 2015?

Sean Michael

Microsoft Campus

We have one last poll before the New Year’s ball drops. We’ve had our mini tournament involving Microsoft’s biggest phone, hardware, and gaming news and now it’s time to stack them up against the number one seed, the launch of Windows 10. Windows 10 launching was given a bye due to its popularity among fans and based on readership but will it beat out our other winners?

We already discussed the biggest news of 2015 in our end of the year podcast if you’re looking for a fun and relaxed recap. If you just want to see what all the readers think, you can see just the results of this poll. Let us know in this poll and the comments what you think the biggest story of 2015 was and also have some fun speculating about what will be the biggest news next year.
From the WinBeta crew, Happy New Year.