Poll: What's the biggest Microsoft gaming news of 2015?

Sean Michael

Xbox One

With threats of Xbox Live being taken down for a second Christmas in a row, it seems like a good time to talk about the biggest gaming news of 2015. With Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, the new Xbox One Experience, the rolling out of DX12 in Windows 10 and the heavily advertised lineup of games that were announced or released this year, there’s plenty of news to discuss.
Let us know in this week’s poll what the biggest gaming news of 2015 is. The winner of this poll (results can be seen here) will be stacked up against the winner of the biggest mobile news and biggest hardware news winners in addition to the launch of Windows 10 in our end of the year poll next week.

Like the hardware news poll last week, Hololens isn’t in this poll because it isn’t out yet. With good reason it has a lot of gaming buzz but without a public release it isn’t fair to judge it.
There’s no podcast to tune into this week but we wrapped up the WinBeta Podcast for the year last week with a review of all of 2015 including the Xbox One and more.