Poll: What type of device should be added to the Surface family?

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Last year was the four year anniversary of introduction of the first Surface. The relatively clunky original devices paved the way for not only their streamlined gorgeous descendants but also for an entire type of device, the 2-1. The Surface line and family have come a long way. Now the premium branding is being attached to devices other than 2-1s.

The Surface Hub is Microsoft’s massive enterprise aimed work hub which has as many features as it is inches wide. The Surface Book was introduced as the laptop that could also be a tablet. We’ve also heard practically perpetual rumors of a Surface Phone which could come out next year. There was even a time when a 7 inch version was on the way. In fact, Panos Panay literally uses one to take notes, which at least in my opinion is a little cruel since it teases us quite a bit.

Many hope that Microsoft expands this brand to other devices so this week’s poll is on which type of device you’d like to see added to the family.

To make things interesting you can only select the one you want the most. A tough choice for me since I’d love every one of these.

Let us know device you’d like to see a Surface version of in the comments and please share what you’d want it to be like.

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