Poll: Will Windows Phone users jump ship for the iPhone 6?


Apple is on the verge of announcing its next generation of the widely popular smartphone, the iPhone 6. We rarely talk about Apple here at WinBeta, but sometimes its good to peak into the neighboring garden and have a nose about. With every new release, the iPhone does spectacularly well, but we're wondering, other than iPhone users, who would jump ship?

Windows Phone users are very proud of their devices, me included. I own a Lumia 925 and I love the Windows Phone ecosystem, Apple could design a holographic device that could do anything, but I'd still always prefer Windows Phone. My question to you is, from what the iPhone 6 is rumored to offer, will you be jumping ship?

I understand that not all Windows Phone users are happy with Windows Phone, and with some money is an issue. So, if money wasn't an issue, and you could pick between either your current Windows Phone device or the iPhone 6, which one would you pick? Answer our poll and leave us your comments below and we'll take part in the discussion too!

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