Poll: When picking phones, what’s most important?

Sean Michael

Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone

This past weekend my Lumia 930 broke. Unable to hold a charge, my phone gave me a tough decision. Do I get another Windows 10 Mobile device or do I jump ship to Android or iOS? I needed a new phone anyway so I debated this quite a bit. Picking phones has been a tough decision for many and I’ve had a week full of questions.

I love Windows and use it across all my devices. But a new phenomenon frustrates me when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile, Pokemon Go. Those words may burn your eyes to see but I’ve played Pokemon since I was 7. I’ve spent well over 1,000 hours playing it. I doubt the game will ever come to Windows 10 Mobile (although you can sign the petition) and I don’t want to miss the experience. This made me strongly consider getting an Android device.

Moving to Android gets me apps like Pokemon Go and lets me try out Microsoft apps on Android which is also something we cover. Switching is a debate many of my friends on Twitter have also battled, even though their reasons for considering switching may be different.

I ended up getting a Lumia 650 but part of me regrets it. I’m genuinely torn when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile. I love the operating system. The layout, the design, the familiarity from regular use, the fact that it feels like my PC, and more all make my phone feel quite personal. I also enjoy Groove Music which has received some great updates on Windows that aren’t available on Android yet. I also know all the ins and outs of the device from covering Windows for work. Switching devices would mean I couldn’t run the Insider preview on my main phone as we work up to the mobile focused Redstone 2. I could use two phones but I’ve never been a two device guy and that would be a huge shift.

You may not love Pokemon but I’m willing to bet you have a phone and have thought about using iOS or Android or already do (which to be clear is totally fine). We have tons of readers who happily use a variety of devices. This week’s poll asks what’s most important when picking phones.

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This week I’m using a new poll service so you can rank the options rather than picking just one. Let us know how you pick your phone in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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