Poll: Should navigation buttons be at the top or the bottom of the display on Windows 10 Mobile?

Jack Wilkinson


In a recent post, we spoke about how Microsoft recommends that app developers use the top-left area of the screen to place navigational elements, such as the hamburger icon, on Windows 10 Mobile devices. We’ve been reading your discussions in response to the company’s advice and we can see that several of you don’t agree with the advice.

So let’s put it to you – do you feel that navigation buttons are better placed at the top of the screen or the bottom?

Keep in mind the following before voting:

  • Where do you find it easiest to access the button?
  • In what way does the placement of the button affect you?
  • Regardless of your current feelings, how would it feel for it to be placed elsewhere?

Let us know how you voted in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!