Poll: Was MWC 2016 a turning point for Windows 10 Mobile?

Mobile World Congress held plenty of surprises for fans of Windows 10 Mobile. Multiple OEMs announced new devices, including the mouthwatering HP Elite x3, and overall it seems that there is still some support for the much-maligned platform.

While many were looking towards a Microsoft-made Surface Phone (still not confirmed to be real) to turn Windows 10 Mobile in the right direction, some see these phones as a turning point. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has talked at length on the future of the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Some of the major things he has mentioned are more OEMs supporting the platform to fill gaps and the mobility of the Windows experience. This year’s Mobile World Congress shows that there are OEMs willing to not only make Windows 10 Mobile devices, but to make ones that stretch boundaries, especially regarding mobility. Some would say however that HP, Panasonic and others that revealed Windows devices at the event are not Samsung, Sony, or other large name manufacturers.

While Windows 10 Mobile/Windows Phone market share is low, Microsoft is trying to etch itself into new emerging niches. To do that they need mobile devices that push boundaries and redefine categories the way that the Surface did for tablets. In this week’s poll let us know if you think this week is the turning point for Windows 10 Mobile or if it’s stuck wandering around the wilderness.

We’ll discuss the results and our opinions in this week’s WinBeta Podcast so make sure to tune in. Until then you can find the poll results here.

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